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In this blog, we will first be discussing the reasons why people come to try erotic photography as StudioGlamour. Secondly, we will cover the types of photography we offer to our clients. This is not a full list, but just some of the most common styles. Each of our photoshoots is different from the last, therefore if there’s something unique you’d like to create don’t hesitate to contact us. Lastly, we’ll cover some of the benefits of shooting at StudioGlamour and provide you with client testimonials.

couples boudoir studioglamour
boudoir photoshoot-erotic photographer London


Before starting any project I discuss in detail with my clients their fantasies. I need to know that I can deliver their vision and share my own ideas for the shoot. It’s also very important to me to find out the reason as to why my clients have come to me. There’s usually 3 reasons people need my services: it’s either for their work or dating profile, they’re looking for a fun new experience or it’s for therapy reasons and to help them overcome some sort of issues. Only when both of us are happy and we share the same vision can we start planning the prep for the day of the shoot.


Erotic Photography For Work:

I started working in photography by taking photos of escorts and creating their work portfolios. Afterwards, I realised that a lot of adults can’t take decent photos of themselves and struggle creating sexy photos for their partner.

That is why I began offering this service to my clients. Everyone who’s under 25 has had a phone for most of their life. Therefore, they’re comfortable taking selfies or know how to pose in front of a mirror or camera. All of my clients are over 25 and most of them have to be directed on how to pose to highlight their features. We usually spend the first hour trying to get them comfortable in the studio and lose the tension by having a drink or two to calm the nerves😃

I still work with couples who work as escorts on their portfolios. However, most of them want to have their images photoshopped very heavily. I need to make them look like a celebrity with perfect skin, white teeth and enlarged private parts so that they could sell their services more. This builds an unhealthy mental image of themselves. I’ve noticed that more of them come back for the photo therapy sessions than for work reasons.

Erotic Photography For Fun:

BDSM – boudoir -glamour shots

I have a lot of returning clients who don’t even really care about the photos or videos we create during our sessions. They come for the experience of the shoot. Some have never photographed with a model and others never had the freedom to express themselves nude.

I work a lot with couples because sometimes they want to watch their partner experience the shoot and be sexy or suggestive in front of them. Sometimes they just want to watch how someone else is touching and pleasing their partner. Others want to fulfil their fantasy of a threesome or a foursome and they can’t get this kind of service any where else.

Couples Boudoir- StudioGlamour Photoshoots in London

Whatever the shoot I always ensure that we all have fun and the client comes out with images or videos that they can share, and cherish with their partner. If you’re more brave share with their family and friends 😉

Erotic Photography For Therapy:

A lot of us have some sort of mental or physical issues. My job as the erotic photographer is to help my clients to overcome those through the medium of photography. Some problems can’t be solved over a course of a single photoshoot. However, all of my clients have said that it has helped them to deal with their issues or see themselves in a different way after a session.

Couples Boudoir Photography-studioglamour
Artistic Nudes- erotic Photographer London

I have worked with people who are self body conscious, mum’s who no longer feel sexy after a pregnancy or couples who are generally shy to express themselves. My photos try to showcase their beauty which was always there but they couldn’t see it. I have also helped various people to overcome mental problems through the use of visual projections in my photoshoots.

None of the photoshoots are done in the same ways as the last! I am not a conveyor belt that goes through people and uses the same background or lighting for every session. Each project is personalised and our studio is private to make the client feel like their in a safe space. A place where they won’t be disturbed or found so they can escape their problems.


There are no degrees to make you a qualified erotic photographer! Any photographer that enter this field is doing it from their own experience and understanding of this topic. I have a medical degree and a photography degree plus years of experience of making various projects with clients. That is why I’m one of the best people you could trust in taking your photos and fulfilling your fantasies. I’ve done various different style of photography projects such as:

artistic nudes-studioglamour
dudoir-artistic nudes- photoshoot

Artistic Nudes:

Big Art On A Small Budget. Body portraits showcase the human body with an emphasis on form, composition and other aesthetic qualities.  The perfect way to make a nude project is to experiment. Our photoshoots are never rushed! We create ART using Lights, Projections, Colours and Mirror Reflections on a Nude Body.

Boudoir shoots:

Couples Boudoir Photography in London, Bridal Boudoir Photography, Escort Boudoir Photography, Dudoir Photography, BDSM and Fetish
explicit photography-couples

The prefect blend of classic and tastefully sensual photography. This features intimate and romantic images of my clients in a studio or homely environment. Boudoir is less about the nudity you can show in the images and more about the seductive or suggestive poses. It leaves more room for the viewers mind to wonder and their imagination to fill in the blanks. I can also shoot on location for your own enjoyment and/or your partners

Dudoir shoot:

Couples Boudoir Photography in London, Bridal Boudoir Photography, Escort Boudoir Photography, Dudoir Photography, BDSM and Fetish

The mans version of ladies boudoir photography. While most people think this style of photography makes fun of sexy boudoir shoots women do, most men do it to increase their sex appeal and show off their masculinity. Starting from smart casual look, slowly undressing till we go nude. It is up to you how far you want to go and would be the perfect gift to give your partner this valentines day. Artistic nudes and explicit shots are included.

Explicit, Fetish & BDSM Photography:

A fantasy shoot available at our studio where models can assist you during (dom/sub) games. Photoshoot sessions involve role playing, bondage, penetration shots, domination and submission. Lots of toys, props are available and suitable for the range of photoshoots. Light restrains can be added to the shot and performed with the help of the erotic photographer. Threesomes with sexy models is a popular option for couples in our studio.

Fitness Boudoir Photography in London-studioglamour
fitness and dudoir photography

Fitness photoshoots:

Sporty shots are a great way to show off your training achievements. Why not to capture this for your portfolio or social media accounts? Body portraits are mainly shots, that are made by playing with studio lights and using various techniques as well as muscle structure. The main impact on the image, comes from the pose, shape and texture.

Glamour Photoshoot:

studioglamour- London -photographer
glamour – erotic photographer-shooting with model

Model, Escort or a Dating photoshoot session. This is a distinctive look and a genre in which clients intend to shoot full length or close ups of their juicy bits. Images portrayed in erotic poses ranging from fully clothed to partially nude. We can provide you with sexy outfits, high heels, make-up and hair artist if needed plus a range of lighting and airbrushing techniques to produce an alluring final image.

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As an erotic photographer my job is to help you to explore your sexual fantasies, desires and push the boundaries. Together we will create astonishingly beautiful, sexually charged artwork. To do this professionally and tastefully you will need to put a meaningful budget behind it. Prices for one of my photoshoots start at a couple of hundred pounds and can easily rise to over a thousand depending on the type of service you want. But, don’t let that scare you because I offer the best price in London.

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erotic photographer-glamour session

The studio also hires models and their service varies by individual, but usually on the day there will be one or two model options to choose from. I guarantee that I have the best models who are reliable, provide excellent service and experience. I work with models personally ensuring that they’re able to deliver the level of service expected to make the shoot fun and memorable. Most photographers can’t offer this service! Which is why some of my prices might seem high.

If you don’t want to have a shoot with the model let me tell you that you will still have a great time in my studio. A lot of photographers in this field are men and a couple of my clients have complained that they didn’t feel comfortable having a shoot with them. As a female couples erotic photographer my job is to produce sexy imagery and/or film discreetly and for your use only. To book a shoot you only need to pay the deposit! On the day if you request any extras such as a model, make-up and hair artist or anything else then you’ll have to pay for those then. Final Payment isn’t taken until you receive the finished product and you are satisfied with the final images.

studioglamour-Couples Boudoir Photographer -London
Professional Female Erotic Photographer


“Why, Thank You!!! We like them all… and even cannot decide what we like more or less. We like all the different styles and colors. You are very professional and we can use the experience to go more explicit in the future.” Valery & Nick,

“I am truly speechless! I absolutely love the photos you took of us and I am happy with the make-up, it does change a lot also I look much slimmer and younger…that’s what I like.” Lana and Rob,

Thank you for your lovely and sexy pictures. You’re right, pictures do make a difference on dating websites, we are happy to have more fun with couples and try new adventures. Although my partner couldn’t recognize me, tx Sarah & John

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