When Single shoot at the studio, very often they found themselves alone and feeling lonely. That is why I decide to have a models erotic photoshoot service as an experience. And me as erotic photographer noticed that the company during this session might be a good idea.

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So I decided to introduce a model service like an assistant first to relax and distract the clients on the stage. Later, when my clients found out about this apportunity, they start asking about a little bit more every time.

That is why I had an idea that posing and acting erotic scenes with my clients will be something new! Like a break through for lonely people. They get to experienced this moment and memories forever that they are not alone anymore to Shoot portraits!

Shoot portraits- boudoir glamour shots

At Julia Winter Studio I wanted to imprint this message in their heads that it should not be this way, that everyone needs a partner. A person who could go for holiday and adventures with them. Very often I noticed between the couple when they are coming to do the shoot. That one person is more excited and more incline to do this session than the other one.

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But they are in this together, and going through this experience, shoot body portraits as one, and that will be one more achievement for them as a unit. So after the shoot with the model singles had a toxic seed placed in the brain, that will grow big. Cos it was stimulating, good times to touch and cuddle and be sensual and open with someone. As Imaginative couple.

Together people would enjoy life more than being separately, that is a fact. So the in the head and the soul the search will start, as based on the memory that you belong with someone, created during this shoot. I will make sure that the feeling was there. The wall of protection has to be lifted to let people in. And that is a process developed by time, but only them can open up and let the love into the life.

Couples Shoot with Models too

I started thinking about singles and comparing with me, how hard it is to cross that bridge to break through and use your mind to think, – that you are not alone anymore. The photoshoot set up make this process easier. You start imagining and allowing yourself to create a vision about that person.

And finally become convinced that there is someone out there for you and that you are going to be with someone very soon. And that search will begin for that someone! Cos actually when your mind will start thinking that you’re going to meet and name someone your second half, it will create the situations and opportunities for you on the way. The universe will attract those people to your life so that you would finally make your dream reality and fulfil that fantasy what was born in my studio.

Booking a model is simple, you can leave all the arrangements for me. At this point it is not important how she or he looks! All my models are sexy, friendly and nice personalities. The most important thing for this session to create a vision that you’re not by yourself, not a single person shooting, but with someone. Starting from this point and waiting for the shoot to happen you will be excited and nervous at the same time. And that is normal.

Studioglamour Couples Boudoir Photography in London, Bridal Boudoir Photography, Escort Boudoir Photography, Dudoir Photography, BDSM and Fetish
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Also, you will get into the stage where you realise, that you soon will be with someone for life! And that always work, the model will know what to do to create this sensation. But it will work better if you not freeze, then model move, you will move. Something like dancing in the pair. It is like exchange and communication with stranger.

Boudoir, Dudoir, Fetish and BDSM Photography

If you will touch like that then you will get similar touch back and you are in the game, the shoot is not complicated at all. The model will behave like boyfriend or a girlfriend, and that in this situation will become reality for you in the nearest future. Just because today we are making this breakthrough for yourself to lose that block, and convert single and lonely life and become a part of the loving caring couple.

There are a lot of feelings involved. There are a lot of empty space where you can fill in, by get to know someone you meet the first time at my studio. When you get to be close with someone and all start from just putting your hands all over the model. 

My clients are very often complain about that they don’t know what to do during the shoot and usually they are convinced that are not photogenic. And so the images will not turn out very well. And that I need to put a very big impact to actually change that.

Couples Boudoir Photography in London, Bridal Boudoir Photography, Escort Boudoir Photography, Dudoir Photography, BDSM and Fetish

I also believe that everyone could be great and photographer connection with the client is very important, basically crucial. Because it is all depends from that bond and from that link we make.

Going further with the portrait fantasy shoot just finding a partner a simple person to be with you on that day is already a very big task. So leave everything for your photographer to prepare for you. If you think this will help, get in touch by filling the contact form and let me know. tx, Julia.