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Sensual photography service for singles and couples, boudoir photo shoot and tantric massage in London with hot models at my home-based studio.

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My clients sharing the experience of approaching other places with the request for erotic photography.


“-I can’t tell you what that means to us. We have contacted others in the past and received less then friendly responses let’s say. We really want to be able to relax, enjoy ourselves and each other without fear of anxiety.

I am curious as to what exactly this will entail. I have some idea but I wasn’t sure if just me and my partner and I turn up and get on with things or if you had control. How it would go from start to finish really.
We’ve never done anything like this before so is there any limits, rules or etiquette we need to be aware of?

And I guess I hadn’t thought about a ‘scenario’ as such. I just thought you’d take pictures of us in various poses performing different sex acts.
Ideally, I want photos that really capture the love and close bond we share as a couple. I want photos that capture exactly who we are and exactly what we are doing. I’m normally quite submissive with him I don’t know if that helps? Did you have any suggestions?