Naughty or nice? Book your Erotic photo session with us!

All is Calm, All is Bright. You’re on for quite a treat boys and girls! Valentine Specials:

What I not comfortable with the nudity?

Please leave the first moment to the erotic photographer. The atmosphere should be created for you, so you feel at the right place. You don’t need to be naked to have an erotic photoshoot! I think that leaving a part of you covered could be more interesting, and stimulate imagination, than showing everything. But I like to push the limits and shoot explicit imagery, at least try to make a small collection.

studioglamour-erotic photographer
erotic photographer-London

Have it captured, time is going, life is also. Don’t miss out and book your Erotic photo session with us! 

Creative, discreet, and affordable sensual photography service for singles and couples with no limitations. Please – do not panic! If this is your first time – no experience needed. 

studio glamour boudoir
erotic photographer for couples

How explicit can we be during the shoot? 

We can go as far as you like! I am very comfortable with nudity and very familiar with human anatomy, came into making art with a medical background. Will be my pleasure shooting making love scenes for you. Or you can o act out as many ideas as you like, and make your couples shoot more sexual and relaxed at the same time.

Couples Boudoir- StudioGlamour Photoshoots in London

Nervous doing an erotic couples shoot?

If you are you nervous about doing this? – This is absolutely normal. Most couples do not have intimate photos taken by someone else – the stranger, on a regular basis, and are not professional models. But to makes, things look better the photographer will be female, who will take all the pressure away from your hands. Cos she is professional. So Even if this is your first time, you will be guided through the experience.

So if you will be extra good this year? Gift yourself and your loved one with a special gift!  Limited slots are available! Photoshoots Available Contact Now!

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