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Makeover and Glamour Photoshoot in West London with Glamour Photographer.

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Photography studio London

The beauty makeover will be made by professionals, and then studio photography, time to create amazing portraits. At the same time finding which side is your best, how to look good and pose, how to relax and create naturally simple and stunning photographs of you on that day.


For me personally, less is more, as far as clothing is concerned, but during this session we will be able to try many lingerie photoshoot ideas, choose variety of glamour and boudoir image posing options, like getting ready or classy furniture and bedding and sliding of pose will elevate the fantasy, or keep your shoes on, because there’s nothing hotter than high heels. We will encourage you to experiment and choose your ideas for your photo shoot.

Model photography, Glamour photos

When you arrive you will find makeup station and beauty professional ready to help to achieve your desired look and after you made your self ready we will make you look even hotter with soft low light and ask you make your self comfortable on the bed, as it could be the sexiest part.

And if we have men in the studio they would probably ask – if lingerie is even necessary?

During the session, we will make your makeup and take photographs of you before and after the makeover, for you to evaluate the transformation. Our beauty makeover tutorial session will be running every week, and we are located in west London photographic studio. During the session will get to pick images you like to be post-processed and send over. The next day you find the link to 6 final retouched digital files.