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Hi Julia,

-it wasn’t planned, but somehow it is an interesting idea to capture the moment when all 4 are around her. Annie and I will think about it and we can decide spontaneously? :)Though I have to say the initial idea was different and I have not the biggest in comparison to others, so I’m not sure if it’s a good idea (see attachment). Or is it possible to do some photography magic maybe with angles to make it look better?


Erotic Photography London

Sensual Photography: bridal boudoir, glamour makeovers, couples boudoir and men fitness. Body portraits, nudes and explicit photoshoots in the studio and on location. Singles shoot with a sexy model:

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Erotic shoot with model
We are not so much into fetish, yet, it’s not necessary to use ropes or other restraints, just pure body. But thank you for the proposal! ­čÖé See, our, or actually Annie’s initial idea was to make it look amorous and sensual, she shows her love by receiving and I showing love by giving.

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While keeping this gentle amorous atmosphere, my idea was to additionally make the scene messy to degrade her as much as possible for my pleasure then. We would like to let the photos express both and for the degrading part we need the amounts of semen either artificial or as we decided now from other men. But with the video first part, we could incorporate your ideas.”
or this one:

Thanks for your quick reply. What we were looking for is a wedding couples shoot. I would wear my wedding dress and something nice under it and we would go from there. Maybe working our way to an explicit shoot at the end (if we have enough courage). We would only want the two of us in the shoot. Strange question but is it okay by UK law for an explicit shoot (just a question that worried us). Also, do you delete the photos after they have been passed to clients? Any ideas on how to make a wedding shoot more daring that would be great as long as it’s legal and just the two of us? We are open to ideas”…