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Don’t even try to deny it! Your Boudoir photographer knows, that everyone has erotic fantasies flowing, and the big dream is to make the best once a reality. Most of the clients that I have worked with contacted me about doing an erotic photoshoot because they’ve never tried it. To capture sensual and intimate experiences like this before was just a dream. A few of my clients have tried erotic photography with other adult photographers. But were left disappointed either by the photographer’s professional level or the boudoir erotic explicit experience as a photo and video service.

Private Shoot With Erotic Photographer

My home-based photo studio is a safe place. And I great adults without judgment or limitations, we can experiment and discuss all of your ideas. Some of my clients are very shy, they’ve lost their confidence and convinced they’re not as beautiful as they once were. That is why sometimes partners get in touch with me to book a makeover photoshoot, glamour style shoot with boudoir twist, also like to try Explicit Nudes and Fetish BDSM photography. And last but not least the hottest topic in the house is shooting With the Model!

Usually, starting with sexy Portraits when we shooting sessions with the model. GFE or BFE Shoot is more sexual and stimulating, all about your fantasies! When booking a Tantric Session, you will get an experience with a tantric masseuse, body-to-body nudes, and an erotic massage video with cum shots. Video Shoot is the best way to present and visually see the erotic adventure. If you are planning a special event, you can hire glamour models, and Shoot Dating fantasies with Swing party scenarios.

Couples Boudoir Explicit Photography

It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice or an expert in erotic photography, StudioGlamour guarantees a personalized and extremely enjoyable experience for couples with the best female erotic photographer in the UK. We all have some sort of sexual fantasies or fetishes, but sometimes are afraid of expressing these desires. Happy Hour photoshoot offer is available for those who are curious and just want to give it a go but do not spend too much. This is a discounted session for both. I had one client recently that wanted to celebrate her husband’s birthday and make it one he would never forget…

Have you wondered why? She told me that for a long time he had fantasized about having a threesome! However, he didn’t feel like his sexual fantasy was appropriate as he was happily married. They also told me about how they asked their friends if they could help make their dream come true, but all of them responded by saying that they would feel conflicted and uncomfortable in that situation. That’s why they started looking for an erotic photographer online. Most photographers offer Boudoir sessions and some even provide nude photoshoots.

Erotic Fantasy Photoshoot

However, there is no female erotic photographer in the UK that offers explicit sessions to the level I do! Maybe similar to what I create in my studio. As well as have sexy models for hire, who could assist you during a boudoir explicit shoot. So when clients are contacting me, I tell you all these amazing options. I think, that they are brave because most people won’t admit that they’ve got some sort of fantasies or fetishes, let alone tell those to other people.

Best Couples Boudoir Photographer

I was very excited about the gig, as working with couples and models, making their dreams come true is my passion. To book the shoot and secure the day for the erotic session, you have to pay only the deposit in advance. On the day you would only have to pay for the model’s services and any other extras they wanted for the shoot. The payment for the shoot at StudioGlamour is only taken after you’ve received the final images or video and you’re 100% satisfied with my work as part of our guarantee.

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On the day of his birthday they arrived at my studio, we went through the meet and greet with myself plus the model they were going to be shooting with that day. We had a pre-shoot consultation over some coffee and cake, after which the girls went for a makeover with the makeup artist and the birthday boy was shown our large changing room with various outfits and props he could use during the shoot.

The couple brought their own outfits, so once they changed and were ready for the shoot we went into the studio. In my experience, a lot of couples fantasize about their partner being touched by another person because it makes us lust over them and creates the feeling of desire. We started the session by taking a few photos and videos of the birthday boy being caressed and touched by the sexy model, while his wife sat and watched this to happen.

All is Calm, I pulled out a pair of shiny metal handcuffs that were wrapped in a satin blindfold from my prop box that I had bought some time ago. The diamond cuffs glistened in the light like a rainbow, the wife took another sip from the wine glass of a red full-bodied Malbec from 2014 that was meant for the special occasion.

Maybe this is about a Penetration Shoot?

This lady was wearing a tight black PVC dress that captured her beautiful curves, her hair flowed down her back and her red heels made a clicking sound on the wooden floor as she started to approach me.

Let’s get rocking! She took the handcuffs and said to her partner ‘I want to cuff you to the bed rails’. He looked at her with a mischievous grin. She wrapped the handcuffs over his wrists and gently placed them over the metal bedposts clicking them so he was locked. ‘Now I’m in charge’ she said. He tried to wriggle his wrists out of the handcuffs but he wasn’t going anywhere…

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Wherever You Find Love, It Feels Like Christmas. And then she told the model to take the blindfold and wrap it around the birthday boy’s eyes so he couldn’t see, but he could hear us which made the moment more intense. She then whispered into his ear ‘not yet sweetheart, you can have me when I say. We all looked at each other and started giggling, She then slowly pulled her gently onto the edge of the bed and ran her tongue over her thighs while I was filming all of this as it unfolded.

How Far You Want To Go?

They started touching each other and slowly undressing, his mind started racing from all the things he imagined that was happening. The birthday boy was jealous of the fun they were having with each other and he started to beg to be untied.

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Have You been extra good this year? She told me that as she looked into his eyes touching herself, she saw how wet she was getting watching him with a beautiful sexy girl. He seemed to enjoy watching her whilst he was playing around with the other girl. There was no jealousy between them because they were in a relationship where trust, honesty, and love had been built over the years they’ve been with each other.

The best idea, when she took the key and unlocked the handcuffs as well as untied the blindfold gently away from his eyes that had been locked in darkness. Is this really happening he said! He has always wanted this but it had to be with a person who loved him, trust was key and jealousy wouldn’t be part of it or it would never work. They had to be sure of their relationship and know they would never cheat on each other nor see one another as a plaything.

Unique Birthday Gift to Pleasantly Surprise Your Loved One! So He proclaimed that watching FFM just heightened the desire to share his secret with his partner. The aroma of sex and cum was something intoxicating, it was absolutely mind-blowing. The birthday boy went to the kitchen to get a bottle of champagne to celebrate a wonderful photo shoot. Upon his return, we heard the popping of the cork and quench our thirst. It was then that the wife whispered into his ear ‘Happy birthday darling to an experience you will never forget.

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