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Sensual Shots and Glamour Makeover Photography in London

Dear Ladies and Gents, there is a change happening for adult business as female photographers offer advice for erotic photo sessions. I would like to share with you details this month and talk about my passion for secret erotic photography. How I make fantasy photoshoot in West London home-based studio. Let’s get connected, subscribe to my web.

To give an idea of how I am different from the other photographic boudoir studios you can find here, but mainly is about connection and levels of explicit shots we achieve, please take your time to find out.

Couple Boudoir Photography

erotic photography London
erotic photography London

Explicit photographers on the market

Why people are scared to do an erotic shoot? Maybe because they do not know the person well and that it is important criteria doing the intimate explicit shoot, to trust who is behind the camera.

Most photographers in this field usually are guys. Some people associate erotic sessions with inappropriate behaviour and shadowed usage of the content later and that happens, not gonna lie even now.

People think that erotic photoshoot always staged and it is not genuine free flow experience. Clients like the idea of shooting soft erotica, but convinced it is not going to be full-on action scenes. Not the real stuff what is online you can get, and concerned that there are too many people on set.


The truth is that not every photographer will genuinely connect and get involved in making the erotic scene. Making the shoot interesting and versatile for the client. Styling the scene and posing you on set, arranging the best lighting and change it during the shoot that things look much better for you.

Clients complain often about the lack of advice from photographers. The direction they get is not clear or just absent. Some photographers not putting enough impact or not trying to help to have more positions to try more things, to push the limits, experiment.

erotic photography London
erotic photography London

Erotic Photoshoot Gift Card

Whether you are booking a shoot as an anniversary gift, wedding bridal gift, birthday present? Or simply because you’d like to capture the powerful intimacy of your partnership? – this photoshoot is a transformative experience that you’ll cherish for years to come. And together we can make this happen. 

My clients usually would not know what to bring for an erotic session, and what to do? And if you are shooting boudoir in the studio for the first time, often feeling anxious but excited at the same time. So being nervous, scared, do not know what to expect it is OK for the first time.

Trust your StudioGlamour Photographer, as it will be easy and simplified for you. Be relaxed about what to bring or do, it will be planned and discussed beforehand, also it will be arranged and prepared when the shoot takes place. These sessions are made simple and easy to accomplish for you by Juliawinterstudio

What is included/allowed and what ideas you can do?

Full usage of the studio. One to one session with an experienced adult female photographer. You can use a changing room with sexy outfits and props, accessories suitable for a wide range of erotic photography. All the images will be yours.

Free consultation before the shoot. Photography shooting time means finger on the trigger and changing the outfits, scenes, lights time is not included. There are no limits to your ideas but there is no breach of health and safety. So you must discuss special projects prior to booking the shoot.

StudioGlamour Photography Packages


How long the shoot will be? What to wear? What to bring?

Sessions are 2-3h long at the studio and you will get advice on how is best to shoot and what to wear. Also would recommend bringing the best toys, best sexy outfits you have, and we can decide what is going to be captured here.

How many ideas we can do in 1h – 2h? What is the best session?

In 1h session, we easy can shoot 5 scenes scenarios not complicated content. 2h session will be recommended when shooting the first time or hiring the model to shoot with you. It will cover up to 10 different ideas. 2h package also includes filming a video.


Why people are nervous about booking an erotic shoot?

It is normal to be nervous. At the first or second time, as this is not your daily life routine. The fact that people are conscious about body issues, face expressions and lack of confidence, personality frees during the shoot, being too old or to have an erection, etc.

Concerned about not being able to open up and communicate through, can not hit the best notes on the day, scared that not going to be ready, do not have a six-pack or big boobs, a huge cock.

Shooting erotica at Studio Glamour

We firstly take time to communicate and time to connect. As studio provide a one to one consultation with your photographer you will make a plan of your ideas. You will get advice from a to z what will happen and what to expect during the shoot.

Together you will make a shooting plan, coordinate the outfits, accessories, scenes, backgrounds, music, props and lighting and scenario ideas you like best. You are paying for help, shooting time and postproduction.

Why you are getting all the shots?

Tracking your progress. How is that important? Looking at the start and the end of your photography session. Checking on the basic ingredients of the shoot, light, background, pose, angle, crop. You will see how together with the photographer you changed the direction, how you responded and followed the scenes. To see and remember everything you did on that day, created from just an idea will be on that file.

What is it postproduction? It is a time-consuming process, done by hand when raw files become digital jpg and high end edited finals in colour and black and white versions.

Morning Offers Available

All the sessions are available for the morning offers, you just need to email directly. Photoshoot with the sexy model is also available to book. Offers for Fantasy Erotica – sensual adventure shoot in threesome style.

Choose any props you want! We’ll work together to create an aesthetic that aligns with what intimacy and sensuality what means special to you. So don’t hesitate to take part in this fun adventure!

Lastly, my prices are affordable you don’t have to worry about breaking your bank just book the morning offer to get your discount and make dream come true! 

Booking erotic photoshoot

To book a shoot you need to send deposit by Paypal or bank and pay the rest after you will see your artwork. Images and video available also models can join to make this experience even more enjoyable in west London studio. Money-back guarantee if you do not like the images, but the deposit is not refundable.

You can book a private session personal for video or photography shoot. All sessions made ensure and cover your information, the identity will be hidden. But is you want to have the artwork for your eyes only and full disposition, then the agreement with copy wrights will be the best choice. This possible when you sign NDA agreement. 

Couples Boudoir Photoshoot

Couples are brave and determine to try new experiences but there are also the ones who are shy and scared to be themself really. Not sure if they like to be a porn movie starts or just simple bedroom lovers. Couples often are afraid that maybe not going to pull off their fantasy, or could not hold long enough and do not get into the role, into the mood.

Erotic Photoshoot London home-based studio make a perfect atmosphere for couples to relaxed. The photoshoot is never rushed, will be enough time to do it right.

Dudoir Photoshoot London

What do you do in the studio? How you make these amazing shots?

Boudoir photography for male clients and explicit shots. I am here to make you stand out if you are going for online dating. Always love to experiment and try different ideas.

If you like to surprise your girlfriend, make something new that has not been done before. My clients bring their fantasies and dreams for me to create. Together we plan and transform thoughts into sexually charged art.

Basic photoshoot session will cover standard best popular lighting ideas, looking into the body portraits and soft erotica. Will be using mixed settings shooting contrasty and soft shots. And yes we will shoot explicit and erected maybe even cum shots.

On the go, you will get to try new ideas and you will own the things similar to what you have seen on the market, but also make your own stuff and try sexual art photography.

erotic photography London
erotic photography London 2020