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Why should the Ladies have all the fun?

I think essentially created for women, boudoir photography moved to a male side. When I discovered this sensual direction I do not want to move elsewhere, to be fair I would like to find out more as you do. I am a female glamour photographer and working with opposite sex gives me an advantage really, as opposite-sex can naturally create light attraction, blend the chemistry and present many layers of sexuality you are hiding there.

Dudeoir PhotoShoot it is not about getting naked, but being aware of what’s looks sexy for you, to create an image and a vision of a cool hot guy, what we mainly see on adverts and magazines. I would like my every client think that way, that we need to top that what it is already in the male glamour industry.

So it is more about feeling sexy and showing it right and presenting your self in a tasteful way. I would like to encourage people all age from 18years off age, of course, to book this photoshoot, just to see how it will change you, get to experience this personality development test, from sexuality point and also you will get all the images to review your progress, and see visual results what comes out in the end after postproduction..

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Dudeoir, Glamour and Boudoir Photography in West London

StudioGlamour offers Dudeoir photoshoot package for the best price in London, promising “strong” sexy portraits for men around London and UK.

Dudeoir PhotoShoot usually happens to be booked, when people are challenged by friends, or eventually realise, not getting any younger and there are no beautiful pictures of them to show or to keep.. and it is time for a change..

I am happy to get interested in every man really as I am an artist and my function is to create beautiful photographs. And I know that most men like contrasty and dark images. Also, many of you have no interest to do light erotica, as people often ringing me about how far they can push, I realised that progress moved on and guys want to learn about them selfs more and more, stepping into nude and explicit imagery zone.

Dudeoir PhotoShoot is available by appoints only, in West London photographic studio or any other mutually agreed location. Sometimes people ring or text and define them self straight away, we are a gay couple or I am trans..For me personally, you could be any orientation really, all I care about is that you want to make images with me.

Glamorous Dudoir photoshoot request study growing process sometimes is a challenge and stimulation for body and mind, and with the right person, it can develop into an expressive art form, where you will work
with a passionate and professional photographer, achieving exquisite imagery that will please him and her eyes.
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