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Some ideas about Couples Boudoir Photography And Video made In London. These shoots are a highly dynamic and collaborative atmosphere created in the home-based studio. With all the photoshoots, the photographer meets and greets clients, and after time for a consultation. Working with my clients to establish a very relaxed and approachable experience. For erotic and explicit couple boudoir shoots, I draw inspiration based on your vision, as inspiration for your special shoot day. 

The Location is private and discreet so you don’t have to worry anything about it. My home-based is in London, so you can either pick it or choose wherever you’re comfortable in. Whether booking a shoot as an anniversary gift, wedding gift, birthday gift or simply because you’d like to capture the powerful intimacy of your partnership, this photo shoot is a transformative experience that you’ll cherish for years to come.

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erotic photoshoot

Also, on offer Fantasy Erotic and sensual adventure shoot, if you look for a happy hour in-service page. You can choose any props you want! We’ll work together to create an aesthetic that aligns with what intimacy and sensuality mean to you, so don’t hesitate to take part in this fun adventure! Female Photographer available for hire to make something visually special for you!


• Whip it, whip it good. Let us capture it

• Role play: For when a nurse is out of your league, Hoping your holidays is as wild as we imagined

• Give a friend a hand. Shoot with a model

• It’s ‘not’ what it looks like. Secret Experience, at least once, to know what we are talking about! Don’t delay and book your erotic session, to plan exciting details.

• Because grownups likes fantasy too. We allow whatever props you want! 



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While most people think the boudoir erotic style of photography makes fun of sexy boudoir shoots women do, most men do it to increase their sex appeal and show off their masculinity. Starting from the smart casual look, slowly undressing till we go nude. It is up to you how far you want to go. Artistic nudes and explicit shots are included.


The boudoir and Fitness photoshoots and only body portraits created at the studio. Sporty shots are a great way to show off your training achievements. Why not capture this for your portfolio or social media accounts? Body portraits are mainly shots, that are made by playing with studio lights and using various techniques as well as muscle structure. The main impact on the image comes from the pose, shape, and texture.

An Erotic Photoshoot, Boudoir Experience

scenario ideas

I come into your room and notice you’re still asleep… You’re laying face down, arms out and curled above your head, legs straight out, slightly parted, you look comfy and very relaxed with COUPLES BOUDOIR photographer in London.

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erotic photographer-London

I make my way to the bottom edge of your bed and slowly crawl under the covers.. I don’t want to wake you… yet. With the softest of touches, I run light finger touches over your toes, along your feet, and up to your ankles. My touch moves up… gently my hands caress your calves and you begin to stir…

studioglamour-gift card
studioglamour- gift card

You sense my hands slide back down to your feet… and start to feel a little aroused as I take hold of your ankles and gently part them… I hear you softly moan as your knees part… spreading your thighs apart a little…My hands now slide up again, over your calves and along the back of your thighs, slipping between them and softly massaging caressing…


Amazing photography experience and choice of models you will have when you book your Adult Fantasy Shoot. Nude photography with one or two sexy glamour models playing BDSM games and stimulating the photoshoot experience. MODELS PAGE This is a very new experience available to book. Recommended shooting sexual fantasy photoshoots. Also, with the model, you will be able to shoot scenes that are not possible to make on your own.

erotic photography London
erotic photography London

If you are shy and nervous, the model will make you feel relaxed and distract you during the shoot. Models will be after makeover/groomed, well dressed, wearing sexy outfits. Models will take the lead and simplify the session, take erotic explicit photoshoot pressure away. If you have a worry about what to do during the shoot?- the model will know best what is the shoot is about, as he will discuss the shooting plan with the photographer.

Couples Boudoir- StudioGlamour Photoshoots in London

Everything will be taken away from your hands, to have an erotic photoshoot experience stress-free. All the models are very respectful, young, sexy, fit, polite, friendly, professional on the day.

Photo and video service with the model. 

The studio is hiring models on your behalf, according to your photoshoot requirements for the day booking is confirmed. The EROTIC Photographer is helping and advising on what model will be best for your adventure.