Couples Boudoir Photography

Life is about growing into who you are!

Studio Glamour is the place where you explore and experiment couples boudoir, make nudes and experience erotic photo shoot. Together we will be capturing the beauty of making love, trying lights and posing, exploring human naked forms, perfecting your imperfections in my private home-based studio. Scary, silly, weird, but sexy – to shed a light on your strengths and insecurities, when making couple nude photography. My clients, who had a nude couple photo shoot for the very first time were surprised, how liberating this sensual erotic experience can be. And this is something that I am proud to be a part of. I can bring your couples boudoir photo shoot to life adding fetish or BDSM twist, capturing those intimate moments.

I spend years perfecting erotic photography service and during that time, I met people who had sexy pictures done but never really gone nude before. Couples boudoir photography is about letting the romance flow between two people, and me being unintrusive and documenting the love. Many of you will come madly and deeply in love, other maybe will be looking to get that spark back. Some come up with this idea in mature age, as a tick on the bucket list, the challenge, when you feel this is the time to do something daring and crazy. Couples erotic photography session will represent your natural body and soul energy and connection you have, the passion will show you the way to embrace what you've got.

Many of you have your own individual ideas and inspirations about how you want to be photographed and what to include. Starting slow, from semi nudes and moving towards your fantasy and desires with no limits. If you are here to create an artistic photography and celebrate your beautiful muscular body, developed athletic physique or sexy body curves and create mind-blowing shapes and forms, I will support you and encourage you to let your self-go into exploring other areas of nudity in a tasteful and classy way. We will capture sensual and inspirational erotic naked photography together.

I have made comfortable surroundings and pleasant atmosphere, and always have on hand some props and many great ideas for the couples sensual photo shoot. I am very relaxed around nudity, not afraid to touch and pose the body or direct you for the perfect shot, to create that moment, where you accept all your imperfections and learn not to be ashamed anymore. You will get to conquer the embarrassment and shyness troubling you. Now popular with my client's nude explicit photography, final cum shot and couple fetish and BDSM photography if that is something you are thinking to explore.

  Always suggest classic studio photographs as addition, executed in the studio lighting and developed into very classy and sexy black and white photography. I do believe that natural light leaves a special touch on your skin when it reaches your body and creates those soft or harsh shadows. I can advise and bring your ideas to life, helping all the way through, making this sensual experience memorable one and photographing for you intimate moments, the images where you will both be in love.

  If you would like to find out more about couples boudoir photography service please email or send me a text for more information.
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