couples boudoir photography and more at my home based studio.. people today are coming back for more! and interested in the sensual photoshoot with male or female models, also singles would like to have couples experience shooting with the model.

“Based on our conversation in May, I would like to check with you if you are available for a photo shoot of my girlfriend + male model on August 18 or 19.

As you mention, we would like some portraits, sexy, nudes, explicit, sex play.

I understand that prices remain the same? Let me know if you can give us a discount, please.

Is it possible to send a list of the models (with photos) so my GF can choose from (those who are willing to interact with her of course)? Also, your suggestion would be more than welcome, as the model personality could influence a lot in the session I believe.

Is it possible that I am in the set during the photoshoots?

Looking forward to your reply.

– me replying:

And the six pack and hair and make up…
and you watching… let’s do this.. £££ agreed
She will need 5 outfits ( lingerie/ body/ gown) Shoes/ stockings?
Yes, you both can have a drink, relax while she will be getting ready (around 1h). I will cut some fruits…
Your session will start at 2.30 pm from preparations.
Then I will ask the model to arrive at 3.30pm when she is all glamorous.. and ready for a shoot.
And when she chooses the model, she can decide during the shoot how far she wants to go with him.
No pressure guys,

simple as that..