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Why we are so afraid to say what we really want to Boudoir Explicit Photographer?

I very often take the lead speaking to a client, I know what they want – Boudoir Explicit Photography with no limitations!

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Couples Boudoir, Nudes and Explicit

I do erotic photography for some time now and can confirm that people calling or getting in touch by the email do not express themself correctly. Some conversations are like beating around the bush! – some are waiting till I suggest or advice, leading them into there desires.

Most of the time talking to me on the phone my clients are stumbling and choking when trying to book a service, and choose a photo shoot. This subject is related to adult entertainment I guess, something that is forbidden! And for me this a photography and art I create. They can not express their fantasies for the shoot and be honest fully! – that is why it is hard to say.

erotic photography London
erotic photography London

Couples Erotic Photoshoot

Photography at the studio and on-location professionally set up in erotic explicit style. I make it relaxed and simplified for your convenience, that is what I do best! I know you have seen and watched adult content, this stuff is out there! And it is a lot of it!

The public has the interest to experience and gets your self into that role. There is always a question of how far you can go? And that mostly depends on the photographer leading you. Do you go for just boudoir or you try explicitly everything? You must come across this type of shoot looking and researching erotic sessions available on the market. But so far not many can deliver to the depth I do…

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couples boudoir-explicit london

How much in London explicit photography cost?

Must confirm this photoshoot experience is rare to find to that level and it is available at a standard rate or on discounted morning offer. Look at the price list or subscribe here to get your HAPPY HOUR shoot.

Julia Winter Studio in West London creates for ladies and gents in London. Also, sexy models available to book, to make your photoshoot experience even more enjoyable. Many of you would consider erotic explicit photography costly service at a first glance.

What includes in your shoot? Preparation time, consultation before the shoot, photoshoot coverage time, full usage of the studio, changing room with outfits, props accessories, styling advice 5-7 outfits scenes includes in 1h shooting session. Image design, various studio scenes and scenario ideas. Shooting with canon manual mode and Multiblitz studio lights, always professionally set up with manual lighting sets to deliver a range of the light variations for every scene. Postproduction 3 stages 4-8h depends on the shoot.

Photoshoot packages at the studio

Manual and by hand retouching, time-consuming process to deliver the best results. So if you want to have a private and discreet photoshoot session with someone you can be relaxed with and can trust? – the price is worth paying!

This would be a one to one photoshoot experience with the professional female photographer more than 10 years experience. Full usage of the studio, prepared and set up for your project. You will get a pre-consultation free 30min and advice through: on style, image design, scenario, scene sets, outfits, posing, lighting variations, retouch. Directing through the shoot, so you do not need to worry about what you should do next!

Erotic photo and video at the studio

Photoshoot session in London

What you will get for your money? One hour shooting time means two hours at the studio. You will get to see your sexual artwork in 24h uploaded with a secure link to an online gallery. Advice on choosing your best final image collection. All the images from the shoot will be yours. Prepared file 150-200 images converted to small JPG will be available to download online.

Two-hour session includes photography and video coverage. This will be a shooting time at the scene, lights or outfit changing times are not included. Just the time when the finger is on the trigger. Images and video film.

couples erotic photography London
2020 couples erotic photography London

Explicit photo shoot with a female photographer

I will help you feel at home! Also, it is a big advantage to shoot in a big beautiful house in a homely atmosphere with the designer furniture. An amazing location in the Richmond area will compliment a lot, as come couples and singles would like to have a shoot on location. Amazing scenery and lush green background of the rear garden and riverside next door.

Relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The photographer is in the adult business from 2005. The extensive experience does help a lot shooting explicit nude scenes, and communicating with the client during the shoot. It makes communication easy and laid back. Together prepping for very special fantasy shoots or just experimenting and pushing the limits during the happy hour session. Discussing your desires and dreams, making them into reality!

Explicit Photography With Models

I found out that inviting a model will make the shoot easier for my clients and more stimulating. Working with male and female models on set spicing up the shoot to the point that some times it actually was getting out of hands!- these and other bits I would like to tell on the related blog later.

Shooting with a stranger. Something new I have discovered working at my studio through the years, that a very big fantasy for couples is Ménage_à_trois. This is going to be a threesome in french, people like experience this emotion, jealousy and undiscovered palet of senses, when it comes to inviting someone else on set.

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Discuss your ideas with the photographer to get a session booked according to your needs.

The best price for erotic explicit photography in London

Why am saying that to my photoshoot is the best price in London? It has been explained above but going more into detail when you are taking the shoot one-hour session, 5 to 7 scenes your file will contain 30 images each, that would come to 200 shots per session. Paying £540 per 1h shoot it will cost you for the experience and the products £2,7 per erotic explicit image.

erotic photography London
erotic photography London 2020