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May 31 Written By Julia Winter

Well, I think I am the only photographer in the UK, Who specializes in such fantasy work as boudoir and explicit photography. I hire models, and partners pay for their wife/girlfriend to have an erotic experience on camera and film. To see models!

Studio Glamour- boudoir photography London
Studio Glamour- boudoir photography London

Our private home-based photo studio is really where all the magic happens. We provide a wide range of portrait photography for men and women with glamour and fitness twist. Much beautiful timeless imagery has been created over the years when we try to implement elements of personality, the combination of outfits, lighting, and posing ideas, adding body physically to the picture. 

My partner does not want an erotic shoot

So what to do when you are left lone and your partner does not want to join you on erotic adventure?

Most of the time I would suggest finding a model for your fantasy. That is a safe choice. Also, I do not have limits, when it takes to shooting erotic art. If you are happy with all the other arrangements been made for you. Obviously, it has to be secret when you are doing it? As many women think this adventure will bring the spark back.. and make them feel sexier, and maybe their partner jealous…

couples boudoir studioglamour
studio glamour- boudoir shoot London

I wasn’t sure how finding the other person would work. I do have an ex-friend, sort of thing but that might lead to some awkwardness, so a model is a great suggestion. Just so I understand, this model would have sex with me, rather than someone I bring? – how many times you want him to cum? Condom or not? That is my question? 

What if he doesn’t fancy me?

Models are professionals in the adult business sector, this is not a date. The job they have to be paid for. So be relaxed about liking things. How many times will we ‘make love’ in a shoot? Depends on the scenario and time booked at the studio. “I have attached a photo. I don’t have an especially good body for this sort of shoot really”. – You look lovely, I know we all have insecurities.. – that is why this experience helps overcome these doubts.

STUDIO GLAMOUR - Erotic Photographer London
STUDIO GLAMOUR UK Photo shoot Package

Sensual, sexy, and tasteful photography produced in the studio. Erotic Photoshoot at StudioGlamour in West London. I mages taken by female photographer posed and lit to stand out. In the studio, we can control our erotic emotions and play with light and contrast, try various backgrounds and take our time to get that perfect shot. To see the price page.

We make stimulating imagery, created from a nude body filling the frame. Freestyle shoot and the sexy mood and you are in at the moment. We make beauty glamour portraits, couples boudoir in lifestyle mode and strong character shots BDSM and fetish shots, and confident explicit photos.

studio glamour photography London 912
studio glamour photography London 91

Naked boudoir couple photography with the model

Boudoir couple shooting and experimenting threesomes with erotic photographer in London.

Glamour and Dudeoir Photography is one of our photographic studio specialty services if you are looking for something unique, specific – you can choose from a wide range of sensual photography we have to offer like

The female photographer is interested in shooting models with people with no modeling experience. Many photography sessions are mostly first-time studio photography erotic experiences for many of you. Julia Winter Studio has extensive experience to approach my clients and make those beautiful shots in my studio. 

Professional photographer recommended for models interested in expanding their portfolio with high quality images. Image portfolios for sportsmen, athletes, models, dancers, fitness instructors, personal trainers.

Erotic Photographer Service

Studio glamour photoshoot with the erotic photographer. Last-minute gift ideas for your partner, that he/she can not forget – explicit threesome. Erotic photo and video service in London. Couples Glamour Photography, Boudoir Studio Photography, Bedroom Boudoir Photography, Dudoir Photography, Fetish Photography, Artistic Nude Photography.

studioglamour2020 - erotic photographer London
studio glamour2020 summer collection

Price for adult photography

For me personally, less is more. What comes to making erotica. But pricing depends on the project nudity levels and complexity. Also, the price will drop if you do not need an image editing service. As far as clothing and props there is much stuff in the changing room so you do not need to spend unless you want to.

The best price idea is to pay after you have seen your art. A first naked studio shoot, erotic explicit photography, amateur videos in the UK. Photography sessions for individuals and couples in West London with image files delivered in digital format on USB.


EXPLICIT PHOTOGRAPHY - studio glamour London
EXPLICIT PHOTOGRAPHY – studio glamour London

Boudoir Photography Studio In London

The beauty makeover will be made by professionals, and then studio photography, time to create amazing portraits. At the same time finding which side is your best, how to look good and pose, how to relax, and create naturally simple and stunning photographs of you on that day. During this session, we will be able to try many lighting ideas, choose a variety of boudoir image posing options, getting ready on the backdrop or use classic furniture, add bedding. Just lie and sliding of the pose will elevate the fantasy, or keep your shoes on, because there’s nothing hotter than a nude body with high heels. I will encourage you to experiment and choose your ideas for your photo shoot.

5studioglamour explicit couples photography london2019
5studioglamour explicit couples photography london2019

Mature Couples Boudoir Photography

When you are much older, you might consider having a makeover. So when you arrive you will find a makeup station and beauty professional ready to help to achieve your desired look. And after you made yourself ready we will make you look even hotter with soft low light and ask you to make yourself comfortable on the bed, as it could be the sexiest part. Then your partner will join you on set. And the show begins. It will be easy to shoot as all the sets will be ready for you. You just change and swap the place. Follow the scenario we will discuss earlier.

Erotic studios experimenting threesomes with Models. Boudoir with a kink twist by erotic photographer.

Naked female models with a couple playing adult games during a photoshoot. And if we have men in the studio they would probably ask – if lingerie is even necessary?

studio glamour boudoir photography london 2019
studio glamour boudoir photography london 2019

During the session will get to pick images you like to be post-processed and send over. The next day you find the link to 6 final retouched digital files.Julia Winter Home-based photo studio specializes in glamour photoshoot and couple boudoir photography, dating portraits, and explicit shots, Dudoir Photography and Fetish, and BDSM sets for images.http://www.juliawinterstudio.com/