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Many women use dating photography as a means of Revenge – the act of retaliation for wrongs or injury received, the desire to take vengeance and even the score! How many of us can relate to that feeling at some point in our lives?

Every woman has a different reason to embark on an erotic photoshoot. Some women want to show their sexual essence, their goal is to tell a story through their images which capture moments enabling the viewer to project his or her own thoughts and fantasies onto the photos, fulfilling her need to be the cause of desire.

Some like to treat their man with an erotic adventure, openly seducing him, flaunting their sexual prowess, heightening his sexual attraction for her which ultimately helps to keep their lust alive. Women may use their photos highlighting their sensual qualities of fantasy, playfulness and seduction as a way to attract a new partner.

Experts say it is not healthy to harbour the emotion revenge as not letting go and forgiving that person's can lead to physical or even mental illness. So, if for a period of time, from out of the blue, your partner has started firing insults at you, undermining you, eroding your self-confidence, playing the blame game where everything that goes wrong is your fault.
Or you find out that he has been cheating on you with your best friend, confirmed by the evidence of his philandering that you’ve accidentally come across on his mobile phone lying by your bedside, your emotions are running high! Shocked, hurt, confused, tearful, angry, humiliated, closely followed by the need for revenge and alarm bells are ringing as you find yourself relating totally to this scenario, then what could be a better way to relieve those emotions than an erotic photoshoot with his hottest best friend!

By Carolyn Nickolls

No matter what age you are, from a very young to being an older, you would look for a professional glamour photographer to represent you on online dating sites. Usually, girls would look for a glamour photo shoot to create an Online Dating Profile. But today also very popular to have Dating Photography with men, because not only for girls want to have fun! Dudoir photography is one of speciality services.

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