Glamour photoshoot, Underwear and Lingerie

I think that women should have a sensual photoshoot at any age!!

I keep my prices low to encourage every woman to make those beautiful memories and experience sensual photography and posing and have those images for them selfs… for personal use only. To share with friends, your loved one and family, but not to make business.
So listen to this story:

Happened just last week and I am still feeling conscious about it.
I received a text enquiry about my glamour photoshoot offer for £250 per shoot from a girl, I have asked is it personal or for work? and she said personal portfolio.
So I assumed that she is a model, making her portfolio and that was fine. I booked her in and she said she trusts me.

– she was classy and confident, really loved herself, and that is a good thing – I called her MONIC…

She was prepared -nothing bad I can say, she had a nice collection of lingerie and underwear to shoot, came with makeup and hair ready. We made 7 different outfits in 1,5h and that was great, she was happy with the images we made. But during the shoot, I have realised that she directed me towards commercial shots like the ones are for an escort, where you can see the body from top to bottom and I thought she was just influenced by that genre.. so we did my shots but she did not pick any of them, but chose the ones she wanted to make.. - and I had a sense that this girl is using me for her work. We made 160 images she received usually in 24h and (10 finals edited ) of her choice I had to retouch. I send her sample, 1 test image and she said it is nice, but I need different retouch, where you make 10-12 size girl into size 6 and polish the skin.

I realise, that I did a mistake and must now do it to make her happy.. after 4h of free retouching I was bit frustrated, and send her images almost finished to confirm that I am on the right track... and she liked them, but was just one thing, when wearing stockings the thighs look suppressed, so she asked me to fixed that imperfection and make then stright.. and I said that I left it on purpose, because naturally, it does look that way.. more realistic.

And then I said that the retouch she is asking me to do is not for personal use, - but for work, escort or ect.. and that it always comes with extra work and must come with an extra charge.

-she was so upset that I said escort, and it all started.. so many photographer she has been with always charged just for tattoo removal.. and then I thought no model for personal use will be removing tattoos.. so she was a working girl for sure.. and I have not finished, but left it 90%, just did the thigh..

I mean today girls probably think that this is a personal hobby and not business, and when to hear an escort - they are convinced that this is not them.. because she does not work, but having fun, doing it for ambitions, power, pleasure. That is just a very dirty expression -a working girl does not apply to them.

So they are confused and I became confused for a moment, but then I thought this is not for a charity and she is not a robin hood?
I must just make things, even more, clearer, from now on...

The most important thing about making beautiful photographs is a communication. This time I thought I failed, as your client is always right...

And if I ask you -how many stunningly looking shots you have?- or how many sexy and hot ones? what would be your answer? -good thing this is not about you, but about that young girl -

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